Tuesday 24 December 2013


After a long and sometimes painful disengagement from London, I finally find myself living in the town of my hopes and the house of my dreams. I've landed in a place of happiness. Over the first few weeks I recognised my tension in the gentle faces of strangers; my pace too fast, my sense of urgency fictitious. Since being here I've met like-minded people, and have explored the vastness of the South Downs, a huge smile on my face, tears on my cheeks. Finally I can see the horizon and feel small under a big sky, something that my heart has desired for many years.

And so to the point of this post. How could I hope to fully heal when I felt such dis-ease in London? Here, I feel happy and this is reflected in my alkalinity. Even though I've yet to get into a juicing routine, I'm off-the-scale alkaline. This is the magic of contentment. Importantly, I BELIEVE I can heal here, and the power of belief has an overwhelmingly positive effect.

When it comes to healing there's no doubt that nutrition and exercise are imperative. Supplementing and monitoring are sensible protocols. But it's so important too to find peace. Following the heart, manifesting positive change and living the life we want are equally the keys to wellness.

Happy Christmas. Peace and Love.