Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Holidays have proven to be an unexpected measure of my progress. With each passing year I notice that I'm less anxious about flying, more relaxed and more present. What still challenges me though, is how to eat well on a restricted diet in an unfamiliar place. 

Having just spent two blissful weeks in Ibiza, I found myself to be more organised than usual. Depending on where we are going, I usually send a food box ahead, containing dry goods like gluten free flour, corn and oat cakes. This time however I took advantage of British Airway's generous baggage allowance, and packed one whole suitcase full of home-made granola, protein balls, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and my most basic supplements (magnesium, krill oil, B patches, quercetin, Angioblock, Artemix, Dimpro and Kiki's greens). I also took a colloidal silver water filter which meant that we avoided the plastic issue, whilst saving a small fortune on bottled water. 

Flying can be stressful on the body, so prior to leaving I juiced everything in the fridge and took a litre of green juice with me to the airport. I left blueberries and bananas in the freezer for an emergency smoothie on my return. 

I always wear an electro-magnetic protector when I fly (or in busy train stations and built up areas) to protect against radiation, which can be extremely depleting.

On arrival we headed for the supermarket and stocked up on locally grown fruits and vegetables. Organic produce is hard to find in Ibiza, so we sought out health food shops and asked about good local markets.

We eat out a lot on holiday, and I think that attitude is key here. Enjoying a consciously chosen meal beats panicking about it's origins, or worrying which oil it may have been cooked in. Anxiety about food impedes absorption more than the simple act of enjoying a meal which is possibly less than ideal. I generally opted for salads, and in the absence of nuts and seeds allowed myself goats cheese for protein.

I stayed hydrated (drinking up to 2 and a half litres daily), meditated daily and practiced simple yoga stretches by the pool. I avoided toxic sunscreens, instead opting for coconut oil (which needs to be reapplied often as it only has a SPF of around 8).

Most importantly, I concentrated on the positives; a green juice in a local juice bar, a power salad in a beach cafe, a swim in the sea fully present, laughter with my family, a beautiful sunset. These things are just as important to health as diet, and energetically are incredibly healing. 

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