Thursday, 17 July 2014


I've mentioned Bruce Lipton before, but having seen him speak, I would absolutely recommend reading his book 'The Biology of Belief', or getting to one of his lectures. 

Last month I finally got to hear this incredible man speak. I've never seen a lecture hall full of such a diverse group of people. It wasn't the usual cancer crowd, there were people of all ages and races. There were dreadlocks and pashminas, suits and students. There was an air of anticipation and excitement, and he didn't disappoint. This man gave us six hours of his vital energy - he crammed his whole book brilliantly into one day of beautifully-explained education, from the origins of modern day physics to the way our cells work and communicate with each other. By the end I felt excited, and stronger in my belief that epigenetics plays a HUGE part in disease, and more importantly, in the reversal of disease.

Epigenetics is the study of environment on our genes. It's a relatively new idea that our fate is not controlled by our genes (flawed genes are actually responsible for less than 1% of all disease) rather that our cells respond to their environment, and our PERCEPTION of our environment. These are the factors which change our genetic activity.

Each of our 50 trillion cells is a mini version of us. They form a community which works in harmony, communicating and moving as one.

If you change the chemistry of the blood, you change the health of these cells. The brain releases chemistry (in the form of dopamine, oxytocin, cortisol etc) via the nervous system to alter the blood. So, as you change environment or perception, you change the chemistry of the blood. An example; through perception fear creates a surge of inflammatory chemistry in the body. This shuts down the growth of cells. Fear is an interpretation of an external event. It has a purpose; to fill the body with enough adrenaline to 'fight or flee'. This stress response shuts down the gastro/immune system and redirects blood and energy towards the arms and legs. Consider that we no longer use our fight or flight response properly. Even playing computer games creates stress hormones, shutting down the conscious brain and causing the hind brain to predominate. Working from this place of reflex behaviour means that absorption in the gut and the immune system is impaired for much of the time. Consider how that affects health in the long term.

Humans are an energy source. Each thing has it's own vibration. Cancer shows as a different vibration to healthy tissue. Cells move and communicate through the use of signals. In experiments it has been shown that the physical body is 100 times more efficient at using energy signals than chemical (ie drugs). Think about this in relation to energy healing, or simply positive thinking. Our thinking creates a cascade effect. We can either cause harmony and healthy growth within our bodies, or fear, inflammation and chaotic growth.

We are architects of our own experience and destiny. Our belief carries more power than our reality. What does this mean? When I was diagnosed, there was an elderly lady who had also just been told she had breast cancer. We regularly saw each other at the Tuesday breast clinic. She would tell me that she could smell her own fear, that she was living in constant anxiety. Imagine what this was doing (chemically) to her already depleted body and to the systems she needed most to return her to health. 

I left the lecture convinced that diet plays a HUGE role in the reversal of disease. After all, much of what we are spoon fed by the food industry is processed, toxic and inflammatory. Living foods are vital to heal. But I also came away trusting that thoughts, beliefs and positive energy are actually top of the list in healing fully.


  1. Another great Blog post Nicola - thank you! "The heart is a skilled painter". In Buddhism the life is the body and the environment the shadow, so our perception (life) and our environment (shadow) have a massive effect on one another. It's called the oneness of life and its environment (esho funi - meaning 'two but not two')!

  2. I love that. Thanks for always bringing your Buddhist perspective.