Thursday, 20 March 2014

No make-up selfie

Have you heard of Pink Washing? It relates to the sometimes unscrupulous stamp of the pink-ribbon, associated with raising awareness and money for breast cancer. Often these campaigns are sponsored by the very companies compliant in manufacturing toxic food and cosmetics which are so harmful to our health. And much of the money raised goes straight back into pharmaceutical companies who are searching for 'the cure' in drugs. 

I understand that people who support pink ribbon campaigns, Race For Life and the endless fundraisers do so with love and good intentions. I also understand that social media campaigns such as 'no make-up selfie' and 'where do you keep your handbag' DO raise awareness, and allow people to feel less impotent around cancer. However, I think that they're missing the point! 

As a cancer survivor, I would wish for no more support from friends, family (and the wider community), than that they educate themselves about the many natural ways in which they can improve their health and stave off cancer. That would make me far happier than a Pink Ribbon cake sale (a SUGAR sale, for cancer??????)

So, instead of shaving our heads in sympathy for a friend enduring chemotherapy or taking a selfie without makeup, maybe we should start a 'campaign' to drink a green juice or smoothie every day. This would show support for those with cancer, educate those without cancer, and demonstrate that there are choices within the world of healing.


  1. We are entirely on the same wavelength Nicola. This a a recent post on our facebook page which mirrors your own words.

    There are so many things that people can do to help themselves when going through cancer and it is a disgrace that this information is not forthcoming from the cancer charities and medical realm when billions in donations come streaming in through the charities.

    How much longer can people remain blinded to this corrupt system?

    How blatant could they be when one leading charity's acronym is CRUK.

    As much as cancer patients get poisoned by cancer causing treatments that do not address any reasons why the person got the cancer in the first place, the donations from well meaning people keep flooding into these charities. These cancer charities ignore preventative and causal factors and tell us we are winning the war on cancer when one in two men and one in three women will get cancer in their lifetime according to the World Health Organisation. If this is winning the war then could anyone explain to me what we would be like if we were losing the war?

    People are very trusting and they follow the hype and the PR activities of the cancer industry and charities. They are taken in by powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through the TV and general media with the pink ribbon and movembeard nonsense. People are lost in all of this and want to help so they see it as they are contributing something to help in this epidemic of cancer and disease which is commendable and their hearts are in the right place..

    However all the money goes to Big Pharma on research and drugs that do not work and poison people. This paradyme has to change but it will only change through people waking up to reality. Don't stand in the middle of the motorway saying I don't believe in trucks because at some point reality will hit you!

  2. Thanks for your brilliant comment Robert. I love the work that you and Sue do. x