Saturday, 11 January 2014

Positive Imperfection

Tonight I connected with someone who has chosen a similar healing path to mine. We've read many of the same books, and have been influenced by many of the same people. We discussed the ideal post-cancer world that we're supposedly inhabiting. One with no wine, no dairy, no sugar, and certainly no errors. And we both admitted that it's not always like that, but that we're maintaining health despite the odd slip (be it a single mouthful, or more prolonged self-sabotaging behaviour) What a revelation.

We talked about how isolating it can be (socially) to live, eat and breathe cancer. And we made a pact to become juice buddies; to compare notes about what we have juiced each day in an effort to encourage each other in the right direction. This makes me feel happy! A buddy. Someone who understands how it feels to try hard, but not always achieve. Who understands WHY we should not eat certain foods, yet still sometimes gives in to a craving, stress, or a moment of social pressure. Someone who understands the constancy of cancer, and the need to keep trying. Let's not underestimate the power of support - be it in the form of a practitioner, or a fellow cancer survivor.

Is it the case of the cancer personality to always assume that everyone else is doing better, being stricter, more perfect?

And what if Belief was the main component of healing? Pure belief that it IS possible to heal, no matter which modality we choose?

So I'll tell you something which is not a secret to those close to me; my diet is not always perfect, my thinking not always positive. I make mistakes. Then I alter my path, listen to my body and make changes.

Never suppose that you know what everyone else is doing! Resist the urge to compare. 100% perfect does not exist (and our needs are all different anyway). Our being human does not fail us. Maybe the lesson is to be gentler on ourselves. And to find a buddy!!!!

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