Saturday, 26 January 2013


Today marks 3 years since the day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have no idea what that really means. It's not that I've survived for 3 years, and it's certainly not 3 years since I developed disease. It's merely 3 years since someone put a name to the systemic, chronic toxicity that I was studiously ignoring.

And how those 3 years have changed me. I've learned things that have altered the way that I live on the most fundamental level - how I eat, think and even breathe! 

Last week's minimal residual disease test, physical exam and blood test all show No Evidence of Disease.

I feel amazing. 

I have un-learned so much that everything is new. I feel like I am 3 years old. So maybe this date simply marks the celebration of my re-birth? In which case, happy birthday to me :) 


  1. Nicola, what wonderful, wonderful news. And what an uplifting entry. Upwards and upwards. Here's to the next several decades of disease-free life.

  2. Xenia you always make me smile :) Let's go for that walk soon? xx