Sunday, 11 November 2012


Cancerous cells have essentially mutated to survive a hostile environment. This could be due to inflammation from parasitic, viral, bacterial or candida overload, a poor diet, unresolved emotional conflict, chronic stress, or simply from exposure to environmental toxins. We also know that the herpes virus, hepatitis and HPV are potential pre-cursers to certain cancers.

In our busy, modern lives, we are bombarded daily with thousands of toxins which disrupt the delicate systemic balance of our bodies. Food dyes and additives, aspartame, hormones in factory farmed meat, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, industrial toxins, radiation, pesticides, chemicals in our water (fluoride, chlorine, oestrogen and Prozac), tobacco, carcinogens in cosmetics, paint chemicals, medications, phlalates (plastic chemicals which are hormone disruptors) and electro magnetic fields from WiFi are some of the worst offenders. Imagine the cumulative build up. Our bodies haven't evolved fast enough to deal with this onslaught.

The list is long but our bodies are programmed to heal, and there are many things that we can do to reduce our toxic burden. For example, eating a mostly plant based organic diet, with limited organic, free range (ideally grass-fed) meat, removing mercury fillings, drinking filtered water, avoiding antibiotics (which destroy the delicate eco-system within our guts, allowing fungus and parasites to take hold, putting our immune systems under pressure) and reducing our exposure to plastics are some of the ways which we can be proactive.

Cancer patients are incredibly toxic and acidic. It's imperative for anyone with cancer to not only reduce further toxic exposure, but to actively detoxify. The body's main organ of elimination is the liver. It processes and neutralises all toxic chemicals, whether they come from the body or the environment. As healing begins, and tumours are broken down, the already compromised liver can become overworked. Coffee enemas help the liver to eliminate toxins more efficiently. 

I've been doing enemas for almost 3 years now. They bring an incredible feeling of clarity, and provide fantastic pain relief. They're my go-to pain-killer for a headache. If I'm feeling overwhelmed, angry or negative, I find that an enema brings me back to a place of calm, as these feelings can be great indicators of toxic build-up within the body. The procedure is very simple, and surprisingly relaxing. Coffee is inserted into the rectum through an enema kit (consisting of a bucket, or bag, and a tube). Situated in the lower bowel is the portal vein, which supplies the liver with 75% of it's blood. This vein absorbs nutraceuticals in the coffee (like palmitic acid and caffeine), and delivers them directly to the liver. This stimulates production of certain enzymes and bile, necessary for the elimination of free radicals and toxins. The coffee (about 32oz) should ideally be held for 15 minutes, allowing all of the blood in the body to circulate approximately 5 times through the liver, vastly speeding up the cleansing process. Some protocols, like The Gerson Therapy, recommend up to 5 enemas a day, but it's important to remember that coffee enemas can deplete the body of potassium, magnesium and electrolytes, so for each enema, three green juices must be consumed.

Cancer is a complicated disease with many points of origin, and that's why a good healing protocol will involve a multi-faceted approach. To ensure that we don't maintain the internal terrain that lead to cancer in the first place, detoxification is key.

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