Sunday, 28 October 2012

Emotional healing

I'm at a wonderful stage of my healing, and it's taken me almost 3 years to get here. Now that a clean diet, regular juicing and specific supplementation are second nature to me, I feel ready to tackle the big stuff. This has come to me in the surprising form of a holistic dentist, who is replacing my amalgam fillings with clean composites. Through kinesiology he has got the full measure of me. He's challenging how I think in the most beautiful way, and it's unlocking some powerful responses in my healing. On my first visit he told me that I don't want to heal. That stung a bit, but for me it was true. Having cancer had given me a voice, one which I was subconsciously not ready to give up. There have been many other 'Aha' moments, but the best thing he's taught me is that 'It's OK'. It's OK? Wow, no-one has ever told me that before. It's incredibly liberating and I've learned to be so much kinder to myself.

To return to health from cancer we need to change the internal environment that lead us to disease. This can come in many forms: detoxifying and re-nutrifying through diet, removing heavy metals from the body and addressing candida or parasite overload. Emotional beliefs are just as important to address. Negative emotions (held on-to hurts, feelings of not being good enough, jealousy etc) are toxic, and create acidity within the body.

In his book "Messages From The Body" Michael J Lincoln talks about the emotional origin of all disease. It makes for an interesting read! Healing at a physical level is so important, but for ultimate healing we need to look at our emotional patterns to see how we manifested illness in the first place. It can be a painful but liberating journey. Uncovering limiting behaviour, skewed self-protection mechanisms and wonky self-beliefs is truly enlightening, and from there real healing can begin. Once we become conscious we can start to unlearn unhealthy habits. 

Since I've started really working on my emotional self, my energy has begun to flow - I've literally been cleansing my body of old rubbish. On a physical level I've experienced a challenging healing crisis as my cells have been throwing off debris through every elimination channel imaginable. On an emotional level, I find myself observing situations and seeing what I can learn from them, rather than judging or using old behavioural responses. The best bit by far though, is that I'm no longer motivated by fear, but rather by this exciting story which is rapidly unfolding.

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