Monday, 14 April 2014

New Life

Since I've moved to Lewes I really believe that I am going to survive cancer. That's not to say that in London I thought I was going to die, I never really believed that I was going to die of cancer, but believing in living is a whole different thing.

Here I feel surrounded by nature, welcomed by the generosity of new friends and comforted by like-minds. After diagnosis I had a strong desire to see the horizon, to be grounded in the vastness of nature and to feel small under a big sky. This new life fulfils those needs. To be near the sea and to sense the tides makes me feel connected again. 

It's truly beautiful here, and gratitude plays a huge part in healing. The sense of contentment and deep happiness I feel should not be underestimated. These strong, positive emotions release endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin, which lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol and increase immune function. Conversely, feeling depressed and discontented creates dis-ease. 

Every day I am grateful. I am happy, surrounded by love and contentment. This move could possibly be my most effective healing protocol yet!

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